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A client-centric approach to family law

Supportive and Respectful

We are committed to providing a supportive, respectful environment to assist our clients whether they are involved in collaborative law, mediation or litigation.

A Comprehensive Approach

When desired, we can look beyond legal issues to manage emotional, financial and social interests, and incorporate additional advisors into your support team.

What to Expect

A Tailored Approach

Since every family relationship is different, we’ve built a team that is well-equipped to adapt our approach to meet your unique needs.

Family Law Services

We’re a boutique-style firm and part of the Eastside Collaborative Law Center, with the ability to represent our clients through discussion, negotiations and court proceedings.

We are experienced in complex divorce actions, including substantial property divisions, child custody disputes and support issues. We also have on-site financial and coaching specialists to assist in collaborative cases.

In addition, the Story Law team is experienced at litigation, arbitration and mediation.

Whatever path your family law challenges take, the experienced and commited team is prepared to see you through.

Our tailored approach may include:

Collaborative Law

In collaborative practice, we’re able to look beyond strictly legal issues to help families resolve conflicts without court intervention. Your collaborative practice team takes a holistic approach, sometimes enlisting the aid of outside specialists including financial coaches, emotional coaches, and others to bring the best result for everyone involved.

What to Expect


If things become difficult or complex, but you still prefer to stay out of court, mediation may provide the most flexible path forward. Our neutral, third-pary mediators are experienced at bringing parties together around the table and negotiating a solution, even when emotions run high.

What to Expect


Like a courtroom process without the courtroom, binding arbitration brings a neutral third-party mediator in place of a judge. Like a courtroom proceeding, testimony is given, and the mediator’s final decision is typically binding.

What to Expect


If it comes to litigation you’ll need an experienced team capable of fighting for you. The attorneys at Story Law have a long track record of successfully protecting our clients and winning the best possible outcomes in the most difficult cases. We are ready to fight for you.

What to Expect

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