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Collaborative Law

In collaborative practice, we’re able to look beyond strictly legal issues to help families resolve conflicts without court intervention. Your collaborative practice team takes a holistic approach, sometimes enlisting the aid of outside specialists including financial coaches, emotional coaches, and others to bring the best result for everyone involved.

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If things become difficult or complex, but you still prefer to stay out of court, mediation may provide the most flexible path forward. Our neutral, third-pary mediators are experienced at bringing parties together around the table and negotiating a solution, even when emotions run high.

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Like a courtroom process without the courtroom, binding arbitration brings a neutral third-party mediator in place of a judge. Like a courtroom proceeding, testimony is given, and the mediator’s final decision is typically binding.

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If it comes to litigation you’ll need an experienced team capable of fighting for you. The attorneys at Story Law have a long track record of successfully protecting our clients and winning the best possible outcomes in the most difficult cases. We are ready to fight for you.

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